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Quilted Kits

Quilted kits consist of one or two quilted panels, a border, a boxcover and accessories, such as pillow top or euro top gussets, nonflip panels, and universal parts. We stock a large variety of kits that cover nearly every need. They come in a variety of colors and are stocked for fast delivery. We purchase all the materials; measure, cut and sew everything. You simply assemble the mattress. The "Stocked Response" kit program is a proven success story ofr factory directs across the country. Call us to find out how it can benefit your business.

Economy Kits - See our NEW Kits


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, ¼" Foam
  • Diamond is one of our biggest sellers.


  • Fill .8 oz FR Fiber, ½" 1.2 Foam
  • Bluewave has a beautiful blue tone with unique pattern.

Monarch NEW

  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, 1.5 oz Fiber, 1/4" Foam.
  • The newest economy kit in our line features a stretch knit with a tack and jump pattern and offers excellent value.



  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, ¾" 1.2 Foam. This tick is 85% cotton / 15% polyester
  • Rebecca has been part of our kit line for years. It’s high end damask has a striking appearance without being expensive.

Value Plus Kits - See our NEW Kits


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ½" 1.5 Foam.
  • Katarina features an off-white damask with gold accents.

Dove NEW

  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" 1.5 Foam
  • Dove sports a stretch knit with a peaceful, restful look, designed for ultimate comfort.



  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" 1.5 Convolute Foam
  • Tess was recently upgraded to a more colorful stretch knit. It is plush and soft, yet value priced.

Rikki NEW

  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" 1.5 Foam, 1/2" 1.2lb Foam
  • Rikki has a uniquely beautiful, tricolor stretch knit with a super-plush fill. 



  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" 1.5 Foam
  • Aspen features an off white stretch knit with light gold accents.

Plush Kits


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, 1.25" 1.5 Foam.
  • Decauter features a very detailed and ornate damask ticking that is 85% cotton / 15% polyester. It is one of our best sellers.


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" Quiltflex, ¾" 1.5 Convolute
  • Tiffany's quilt pattern gives it the appearance of being tufted. The beautiful white damask is elegant, with a full bodied appearance.


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, 1" 1.5 Foam
  • Starry's stretch knit features a quilted star.


  • Fill: .8 oz FR Fiber, .75 oz Fiber, ¾" Quiltflex, ½" 1.5 Foam
  • Sara's stretch knit contains Aloe Vera, adding to the soft, plush look and feel of one of our best selling kits.

Universal Borders, Boxcovers, and Innerdecks

     Leah Border

     Latte Border

     Mocha Border NEW

Universal Kit Parts

  • Our Universal Kit Parts come in three neutral colors, Latte, Leah and the new Mocha. We make universal borders, boxcovers, pillow tops, euro tops, box tops and no-flip panels. Universal Kit Parts will lower the variety of items you need to order and will give you a consistent look throughout your line.