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Lava Textured Polyester

  • Fiber Type: Polyester
  • Thread Construction: Textured
  • Application: Used in overedge and coverstitch machines for seaming knit products such as fleece sweat shirts and pants, etc. Also used for serging operations on woven fabrics.

Sizes Available

  • Light: T-18
  • Medium: T-24, T-35, T-50
  • Heavy: T-70, T-105


  • Excellent seam coverage.
  • Good resistance to chemical degradation.
  • Superior thread lubricant that allows it to be sewn with minimum thread tensions.
  • Partially translucent so it blends in with many shades.
  • Less expensive than core, spun, air entangled threads, & higher tenacity textured threads.


  • Harder to thread the needle as compared to spun threads.
  • Melts when temperatures exceed 480° F.
  • Will not sew on lockstitch machines.
  • Can snag on rough surfaces causing problems.